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Through separate but connected plant-based journeys, Nikki and Jeff Grim have grown together through their commitment to veganism. With continuing research, this commitment is expanding to include all aspects of their lives. This is how Veggie Reaper came to be!


Nikki has worked in the Cosmetology industry since 2006. She opened her own shop- Atomic Salon in 2012, which was Eastern Iowa’s first vegan hair salon. After 15 years of hair, Nikki decided to close Atomic in January 2021 and pursue a new adventures with movement and food.

Nikki is also yoga teacher and teaches classes in Center Point, IA and surrounding areas. Be on the lookout for local farm sanctuary yoga. 


Jeff has worked for a local company for over 10 years and helps out with the kitchen projects and food events whenever he can! Cheffrey is the jack of all trades.

As self-proclaimed foodies, the Grims have spent free time teaching vegan cooking classes and catering small, local events


Veggie Reaper officially opened in August 2022 in a commercially licenced "ghost kitchen" the Grims built!



The Grims love volunteering with local farm sanctuaries and helping care for rescued farm animals. They have a soft spot for all animals. Nikki and Jeff have many of their own rescues- four dogs, two cats, and two water turtles.

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